Me Before You: The Sunflowerguru Book Review( SPOILERS)

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Book Title: Me Before You

Author: Jojo Moyes

Category: Romance

What’s the book about?

Me Before You is a wonderful and emotional story that tells the tale of how a young woman falls in love with a man that has given up on life. The story has won the hearts of many, so much that it is now an award winning film.

The book takes in a small somewhat village and it begins with Louisa Clark, the main female character, being fired from her job. She goes job hunting and finally gets one working as a caretaker for a man who was involved in an accident. The man, Will Trainer, wants to end his life but Louisa tries to make him happier and the two fall in love. Unfortunately , the couple can’t be together as Will has already made arrangements for an assisted suicide.

How did I feel about it?

This book made me ugly cry, oh my gosh!! I was hooked from the first line and I would read this book all over again. The relationship between Louisa and her loser boyfriend made me shout at the book out of anger. The moment Will comforted Louisa when she broke down in tears, I was shipping them and silently begging the author to marry them right then and there.

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